GDC Israel - Grow. Discover. Connect.

GROUNDBREAKING four month academic adventure develops and enriches your professional and personal skills

Grow in your Jewish identity and your feeling of shared destiny

Discover the tools, skills, and knowledge for personal advancement

Connect with professional and occupational opportunities


Strengthen your connection to your heritage and gain an authentic understanding of your position towards Israel in the community of nations


Acquire a significant advantage in a competitive and ever-changing working world



Learn from the best with GDC’s interdisciplinary academic program




GDC Israel is a interdisciplinary program of both educational and practical experience.

GDC Israel provides a holistic approach for young Jews in the diaspora that are interested in strengthening their Jewish identity and deepening their professional and personal skills.

Participants acquire the necessary knowledge and tools to achieve a meaningful career while being immersed in the complexities of daily life in Israel.

The comprehensive GDC Israel academic program goes deep into the current international landscape. Students meet with lawmakers, social activists, and are exposed to a variety of perspectives both historical and contemporary. The course includes diverse workshops which enhance the professionalism of participants, showing them how to operate at the global level and effectively communicate for a cause.

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Why choose gdc israel?


Speak with confidence

Debate and win

Present like TED

Learn the art of storytelling



Explore Israel

Live like a local

Play like a tourist


Israel in a challenging world

Public diplomacy / advocacy

Peacemaking in conflict

Networking with big players


Leading internship

Hands on experience

Theory & history come to life

Actively strengthen Israel

GDC Israel Outline





The comprehensive curriculum covers relevant topics: Israel’s unique characteristics in the global political landscape, the influence of key international players on Israel’s international politics and civil society. 

The program is led by Dr. Jeremie Bracka, an experienced professional who has held key positions in the international arena, and is academia at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. 








During the first eight weeks, the core  of the curriculum is a series of public speaking workshops instructed by the leading institute in Israel. The eight workshops offer the participants a complete set of tools and skills: oratory, messaging and advanced communications proficiencies.

GDC Israel graduates enjoy a significant advantage in the competitive and ever-changing working world.



The second part of the program focuses on practical work and achieving field experience. Equipped with their new knowledge and expertise, the participants are incorporated into the leading internship program of the Jerusalem Institute of Justice, where they put theory into practice. They participate in the daily work of a prominent organization and experience the career world up close. The participants take part in research, writing, and the promotion of different projects that focus on strengthening Israel.


A common destiny


Israel faces a wide range of challenges in the international arena we believe these challenges require the adoption of a proactive approach, joining forces, and reaching creative solutions. GDC Israel was designed as an innovative and professional program for self-empowerment.

It provides the infrastructure to foster the leadership potential in the next generation of influencers and works towards advancing Israel’s interests in the international arena. GDC Israel embodies the values and educational vision of masa and specifically their Maslool program and meets the highest standards.

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GDC Israel Team

Dr. Jeremie Bracka - Academic Manager

GDC Israel is led by Dr. Jeremie M Bracka an experienced professional who has held key positions in the international arena and in academia at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law (Heidelberg). Jeremie has been published widely in the Oxford University Press, the Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law and the Melbourne Journal of International law.

Guy Yariv - Public Speaking Instructor

Guy Yariv’s School of Public Speaking, est. in 2007, is Israel’s oldest, largest, and most professional institute for rhetorical and presentation skills. It has a reputation for excellence that has attracted hundreds of organizations including the Foreign Ministry, colleges, universities, and candidates from across the political spectrum.

Vered Solan - Career Consultant

Vered Solan is an organizational development expert, career coach and public speaker with more than 20 years of leadership, organizational development, and human resource management in the corporate world.

Adv. Uri Morad - Director

Adv. Uri Morad was born, raised, and married in Israel, and now serves as the Director of JIJ’s International Law & Public Diplomacy Department. For Uri, as a former Givati Brigade combat soldier of the IDF, the suffering of others is not just a theoretical concept. Uri brings his enthusiasm for the law, human rights, and legal advocacy to JIJ’s international efforts and the intern program.

Fees and Expenses

All fees and expenses listed below are quoted in US Dollars.

Cost of program: $9,550 


Payment schedule: 

  • 30%  due a week before the program start date
  • 70%  due one month into the program


  • Fill out the Apply Now form.
  • You can find more information Here.
  • We will guide you through the registration steps.
  • Since March 2020 when Covid-19 started, there are no longer visas that you can get from your local embassy. 
  • In order to enter Israel currently, you’ll need an entry permit (provided by the Israeli Ministry of Interior and masa).
  • So what do I actually need to do? Ask your program adviser to provide you with the entry permit and a detailed explanation. 
  • An A2 student visa will be requested by our team from the Ministry of Interior for the entire period of your program.
  • Transport from the airport.
  • Public transport in Jerusalem.
  • Housing in Jerusalem.
  • Full study, experience and internship program.
  • Professional workshops.
  • Ulpan.
  • Tours around the country.
  • Madrichim (counselors) who accompany you and help each step of the way.
  • Health insurance with national coverage.
  • No. The course and all materials will be taught fully in English.
  • Psst! Nearly everyone in Israel speaks English.

The program is four months – please contact us for specific dates.

  • The internship will take place at the International Law and Public Diplomacy Department of the Jerusalem Institute of Justice.
  • Using the skills that you acquired; researching, writing, creative skills and social media tools, you will strengthen international pro-Israel advocacy efforts.
  • The work week in Israel runs Sunday through Thursday.
  • Weekends (Friday & Saturday) are available free time to spend at your leisure.
  • If it is still a requirement of the Israeli Ministry of Health, the 14 day quarantine will be carried out in individual rooms in government quarantine hotels.
  • The price of the quarantine will be paid by the student and depends on the location.

Currently foreigners can get vaccinated in Israel. If this continues, you will be able to receive the vaccine as well.

A taxi will be waiting for you at the airport and will take you to the quarantine location.

  • Our coordinator is available for participants to reach out to directly; contact information will be provided at the start of the program.
  • Psst! Additionally, JIJ and Maslool, (both located in Jerusalem) will also have contacts available for questions, concerns, and support throughout the program.

You will be covered by excellent insurance  throughout the length of the program.

  • An apartment in a prime location will be provided, each apartment consists of 3 bedrooms / 2 people per bedroom.
  • The apartments are fully equipped and furnished, with internet, television and well located in the center of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Institute of Justice

The Jerusalem Institute of Justice (JIJ) is an Israeli legal and research institute dedicated to cultivating and defending human rights, the rule of law and democracy.

Established in 2004, JIJ operates both internationally and domestically. We work to uphold freedoms in the region by submitting charges of the gravest crimes to international tribunals and governmental bodies.

JIJ’s International Law and Public Diplomacy Department stands at the forefront of Israel’s struggle to maintain its standing among the international community.

We use the legal and advocacy tools at our disposal in order to confront the most complex issues.

Our in-depth research, legal expositions, memos and position papers have impacted the lives of millions around the world and are presented before the International Criminal Court in The Hague, the Israeli Parliament, the United Nations and governmental offices

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